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SitterCity dallasSitterCity is a widely popular nanny agency with over 4,000 Dallas nannies to choose from! Launched in 2001 by a college student named Genevieve Thiers, SitterCity, has quickly gained accolades from a long list of media including Time Magazine, Newsweek, Ladies Home Journal, Working Mother, and much more. Thiers, who relied on babysitting to pay for college, has taken her knowledge of the industry and turned it into a national success story. SitterCity expands beyond just nanny services and also offers petsitters, babysitters, senior care, housekeeping, and tutors throughout the U.S. While being a national service, it still offers the greatest list of nannies in the Dallas area and works hard to focus local attention on a city like Dallas. SitterCity's variety of qualified nannies paired with a long list of positive customer testimonials, makes it a Dallas nanny agency that few can compete with.

For Dallas parents in search of a nanny for thier loved ones, SitterCity is a great resource. Like the other Dallas nanny agencies that we cover on this site, SitterCity offers a thorough online database of nannies in the greater Dallas area. The database of over 4,000 Dallas nannies is free to browse and allows parents to gather important information about each caregiver including location, rates, experience, certifications, ratings, and much more. To obtain background checks on nannies, get their contact information, and review their references, you can join SitterCity's online agency for a very low rate which gives you access to the entire US database of caregivers.

Each Dallas nanny agency has different features that make it stand out from the last. What makes SitterCity unique is their rating system and filtering tool. All nannies are rated on a 5 star scale, with ratings provided by parents just like you. Parents can use this system to narrow down the list of 4000 Dallas nannies to only the ones with 5 stars, but even then there are over 100 caregivers to choose from. Because the selection of Dallas nannies is so large, it's important for parents to not feel overwhelmed. This is why SitterCity provides a unique filtering system where parents can filter their search results by a variety of important attributes. Each time a parent adds a filter, the list of candidates gets smaller, until parents are left with a comfortable number to work with. All told, parents can narrow their search in the following ways:

  • General Information: Transportation, photos, reviews, smoking status, and ability to deal with pets
  • Distance From Zip Code Provided
  • User Reviews: 5 stars, 4 stars, and 3 stars
  • Hourly Rate
  • Education Level
  • Certifications
  • Preferred Location: Live in or live out
  • Years of Experience
  • Experience With Different Age Groups
  • Other Services Offered: Housekeeping, errand running, etc.
  • Languages Spoken
  • Special Needs Experience

Those wishing to use SitterCity as their Dallas nanny agency have a few options to become a member. These include a 7 day free trial, monthly membership, or annual membership. Of the 4 top Dallas nanny agencies featured on this site, SitterCity is by far the most affordable while also providing the most thorough list of candidates. In fact, for less than $10 a month, Dallas parents can have access to everything they need to find their perfect nanny:

  • $7.99/mo Annual Membership: This is a membership where parents pre-pay for the entire year. By prepaying, the monthly rate is discounted and requires only $95.88 to be payed up front for the entire year. Membership includes background checks, references, and contact information for the entire US database.
  • $9.99/mo Monthly Membership: This is the monthly subscription cost for those who choose not to pay for a full year in advance. This also requires a $39.98 signup fee. Membership includes background checks, references, and contact information for the entire US database
  • 7 day FREE Trial: This free trial allows parents to post a job position for Dallas nannies to respond to. Those using the free trial will not get access to background checks, references and contact information.

Because SitterCity has such a large database of nannies in your area, it is highly likely that you will be directed to their site when using the search tool on the top of any page of this site. If you would prefer to not use SitterCity, please review our other Dallas nanny agencies to determine which is right for you. Once you have found the best agency, simply click on the links provided to be quickly directed to their websites.

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