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Using Go Nannies When In Search of Nanny Agencies in Dallas

go nannies DallasGo Nannies is a popular US based nanny agency that stands out from most nanny agencies in Dallas. It is widely known for its Double Guarantee which promises that parents will find the perfect nanny and keep that nanny or they receive a free membership. This provides Go Nannies with a very satisfied customer base and ensures that parents get connected to the best nanny for the job. While, most nanny agencies in Dallas host a maximum of 100 nannies, at Go Nannies, parents can search through over 400 caregivers. When parents find a nanny they like, they can rest assured that the nanny is safe and qualified because Go Nannies boasts the best background check in the business.

Because this list of candidates is longer than most nanny agencies in Dallas, parents will need to narrow down their choices to a special few that they wish to call and interview. Because of this, Go Nannies provides an easy tool to narrow search results based on the following factors:

  • Location: Find a nanny based on how many miles they are from a certain zip code
  • Position Type: Are you looking for a nanny, or would you prefer a nanny and housekeeper?
  • Age Range
  • Living Arrangements: Live-in, live-out, or no preference
  • Availability
  • Smoking Status

When browsing Go Nannies, non-members can view a limited profile of each nanny which includes important information like rates, living situation, age, smoking status, an "about me" section, and experience. All profiles can go into a great deal of detail, but Go Nannies does not require their caregivers to fill out all of the information. This actually provides parents with a great way to further narrow their list of candidates, as many parents prefer an abundance of detail, and caregivers who don't provide this detail may not be optimum. As a member of Go Nannies, parents can view contact information, background checks, and save their favorite profiles to a list so that they have a strong pool of candidates to choose from.

Unfortunately, there is not an ability to narrow searches based on whether the profiles have photos or not. This is problematic with the Go Nannies Dallas database because there are many profiles without photos. Even though it's important not to judge a book by its cover, many parents will feel a sense of comfort if they can see a nanny's face before contacting them. This helps parents establish a connection with their prospective nanny, and it also helps parents weed out some nannies that they feel don't present the image of authority or responsibility that they want to instill in their child. By not requiring images in their database, Go Nannies falls a bit short in comparison to the other nanny agencies in Dallas that we cover.

Like the other nanny agencies in Dallas, Go Nannies offers a subscription based pricing structure which gives parents full access to their database of nannies. They also offer various add-ons to each membership, which allows parents to customize their membership to suit their needs. For example, paretns can choose to expand their background checks with driving records, criminal checks, employment checks, and even educational background checks. Also, parents can add two unique features to their membership that other nanny agencies in Dallas don't have which includes the ability to put an account on hold and the help of a personal assistant.

Basic pricing includes the following:

  • $49 for a 45 Day Membership: Includes background check, references, and full access to the US and Canadian database
  • $79 for a 90 Day Membership: Includes background check, references, and full access to the US and Canadian database

Beyond just nannies, parents can use Go Nannies to find Dallas based housekeepers, senior caregivers, personal chefs, personal assistants, and even doulas. This means that with any membership, an entire database of caregivers is provided for the member. For parents in need of more than just a nanny, or a nanny that is multi-faceted, this feature of Go Nannies is quite appealing.

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