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Things to do Around the House as a Nanny in Dallas

nanny in DallasAs a nanny in Dallas, you can be subject to over 30 inches of rain each year so you want to make sure you have activities planned if you need to stay inside with the children. You may want to do crafts, science projects, or maybe something in the yard if it is nice outside. This is most important during the summer when many nannies in Dallas work more hours because more kids are home all day. Below are a variety of things that should give every nanny in Dallas at least one new idea.

Gardening — For those nannies in Dallas who have the luxury of a yard with some extra space, you might consider setting up a small garden if the parents allow. Not only will this give the family free food for a handful of meals, it will teach the kids and allow them to have fun at the same time. One neat trick the kids can do is to grow a cucumber in a bottle. Once you have a small cucumber you transfer it with the vein and all into a two liter soda bottle and lay it on its side. You need to poke holes in it and then cover with a few leaves so it continues to grow and does not overheat in the container. Finally, you just need to make sure the kids water every few days so they can watch it grow.

Quiz Show — This may not work for all kids, but nannies in Dallas sometimes watch kids who love to learn and think it is fun. So why not help them learn by making a fun quiz show where you ask them age appropriate questions and they have to try and answer to win points? You can quiz them on geography, animals, history, or math as long as you gear it towards their age. Then you can give all the quiz show players little treats for playing.

Crafts for Nannies in Dallas

Soap Sculptures — As a nanny in Dallas you may have kids who love making art and why not give them a way to create art they can use as soap. First you need to have the kids pick out their favorite mold which can sometimes be found around the house in their toys, or you can get a Hasbro Play Doh mold at the store. Now find a gel type of bar soap such as Neutrogena that you can cut into small two inch pieces, which you then microwave on high for 15 seconds. When you take it out of the microwave, you quickly pour the liquid soap into the mold and then let it cool for a minute. After the soap has cooled, the kids can go ahead and use it, making cleaning more exiciting.

Pinata — Nannies in Dallas can use this as a great two part activity where you can spend one day building the Pinata inside and another day to take it outside to try and hit it. The easiest way to make a quick Pinata is to help the kids think of an idea of an object that is square or rectangle. Then find a box that matches their idea which you will want to poke some hole in so you can run rope through to tie it onto a tree. Once you have the rope in, you tape up the box with all of the candies or goodies and then wrap it with white plain paper. Now you and the kids can paint or draw on it to make the design you want which can go up in a tree another day for them to hit with a stick.

Rain Sticks — Another great craft for nannies in Dallas to do with the kids they watch is to make Rain Sticks. You will need some cardboard tube from wrapping paper that you will want to tape off very securely at one end so it cannot leak. Then you and the kids can cut a bunch of one inch cardboard strips that you will stuff into the tube until it hits the top. Now you want to take a small handful of rice and a couple tablespoons of different size seeds and dump them inside. Now tape off that edge and decorate however you want on the outside. The result is an instant rain stick for hours of fun!

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